Are you looking for the perfect display table to showcase your watch collection in style? Introducing the newest addition to watch retail shops in the USA – the 200cm Watch Repair Table with Glass Showcase! This sleek and functional display table is perfect for showcasing a variety of watches and accessories. While also providing a convenient space for watch repair services. Let’s view more details together.

watch showcase watch showcase

200cm watch repair table

The main feature of this watch display table is the long service table in the middle, ideal for performing watch repair services. The front table is perfect for displaying promotional posters, while the glass showcases on both sides offer multiple layers for displaying watches and accessories. Each shelf is equipped with LED lights to highlight the items and draw attention to them.

To make things even more convenient, drawers are included on both sides of the table, allowing easy access to necessary items and tools for watch repairs. With a size of 200cm in length and 100cm in height, this watch kiosk table is spacious enough to accommodate a variety of watches and accessories while still fitting comfortably in a retail space.

watch repair counter watch repair table

Whether you’re looking to enhance your retail shop’s display or offer watch repair services, this versatile and stylish watch repair table is the perfect solution. Upgrade your shop today with the Glass Showcase and impress your customers with a professional and organized display.

Completed watch showcase effect

watch cabinet watch table

There are LED light lamps for the watch repair table. It is convenient for work and can see watch accessories well. Besides, we can also add drawers underneath the countertable to place items for usage. The bottom is space for legs when sitting down. All the drawers and cabinet doors have locks, which can keep goods safe because people won’t touch them without permission.

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