If you are a consulting company,you’re probably faced with a common problem:How to receive more customers.  The flow of people is concentrated in the service hall. One side is anxious to wait for customers, on the other side is busy consultants. The number of reception desks in the past is not enough, so that customers handle business for too long, That really leave customers with a bad sense of experience. Now, I would like to recommend to you a large reception kiosk.

Description of the reception kiosk

This is a super large consultation reception desk, 4m x 4m, the main materials are: MDF plate, paint. The whole reception desk is mainly in red and white color. It is very conspicuous, so that customers can find it quickly. We divided the reception kiosk into four areas and each area receives two customers at the same time. At the same time, we can provide services for eight customers at the same time.It greatly improves the working efficiency of the company and also brings good consulting experience for customers. The seats of the information desk are very comfortable. The desk desktop is separated by a baffle to avoid the interference between businesses. In the service hall, we have matching chairs for customers to have a rest while waiting. All in all, this is a very convenient and beautiful reception kiosk.

This reception kiosk is practical, beautiful and safe. We believe that this reception kiosk will become your best choice. Of course, if you have your own design and ideas about reception kiosk.You can tell us your needs .We will try our best to meet you.

If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.