If you are a supermarket, you must be faced with the problem : How to attract children and parents in the competitive market. So as to make their shopping experience more pleasant. Placing interesting toys to attract children is an effective way. The toy display cabinet designed by us can solve this problem.

Tips on choosing a toy kiosk

  •  Display cabinets can be designed with movable layers, so that the store owner can arbitrarily change the height of each layer, according to the size and number of different clip art, to provide more rich toy display ways, so that children have more interactive experience.
  • In recent years, some businesses have gone out of business because of unstable toys. Safety is very important when you want to put the toys in supermarkets.
  • The materials and manufacturing process of the display cases are very detail and perfect for placing.  Children will enjoy the display of toys. In addition,  Having a toy kiosk can keep toys safe and not cause any danger to children.

Description of toy kiosk

  • MDF: This kind of plate fiber tissue uniform, high fiber bonding strength, so its tensile strength is good, at the same time its water absorption performance is also very high.
  • Baking finish: We choose the best quality paint on the market, this paint makes your cabinet look very smooth and flat, you can paint any color you want, so that your cabinet has children’s fun.
  • Acrylic logo: The logo is made of acrylic, and when installed with led lights, it can make your toy store more eye-catching.

To sum up, placing toys on the toy display rack in the supermarket is a very excellent choice. It can attract children and parents to patronize the supermarket .   It not only solves the store owner’s need for eye candy, but also provides a more interesting shopping experience for children. What merchants are welcome to buy and place in the supermarket for experience.

This toy kiosk is practical, beautiful and safe. We believe that this toy kiosk will become your best choice. Of course, if you have your own design and ideas about it, you can tell us your needs and we will try our best to meet you.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.