The jewelry kiosk is a suitable booth to show all kinds of jewelry, watches, and retailers. Getting a customized jewelry kiosk is very important because it can highlight the products well and become a symbol of your shop. Today, I want to share a nice jewelry kiosk watch kiosk sharing with you. It is good to use in the shopping mall and retail shops. Let’s view the details together.

jewlery kiosk

Description of a jewelry kiosk

The jewelry kiosk size is 20ft by 10ft and includes glass displays on four sides and an individual working table in the center. The primary color is a brown frame with white decoration, looking very high-end and attractive. Materials include MDF, baking paint, 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, light lamp, etc.

jewelry kiosk

The glass showcases have multiple layers, and merchants can place necklaces, rings, and products well at each counter. The bottom has an inclined glass display kiosk, which is a suitable direction to show the items to the consumers. Four corners have scalloped laminate display cases, which avoid sharp angles and can protect both clients and workers. It’s a good idea to make several taller cabinets to place more goods.

jewelry showcase

The center has a long display counter with a logo advertising stand. It’s good for collecting bills and increasing storage cabinets. People can also understand your shop theme and business well.

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How to get the jewelry kiosk at Mall-Kiosk?

We have made unique jewelry kiosk designs and produced work for chain brands. The jewelry kiosks are brilliant smoothie finishes and widely place at high-end shopping malls. Our professional design team can make unique jewelry kiosk design for you. The production follows the confirmed design, and you will receive your ideal kiosk soon. Contact us to get more jewelry kiosk designs and information.