Cake kiosk

We all love freshly baked cakes, and seeing each delicious one on display in a transparent cabinet makes it even more appetizing. Because we can smell the milk from across the counter. What I like most when I get off work or have a rest is tasting delicious cakes. Let me show you this delicious cake kiosk.


If you’re wondering how to build a cake kiosk, you can follow my lead on how to open a kiosk display case. The first step is to confirm the size in the mall, and then make a design of the kiosk according to your size. During this process, your logo can be added and customized according to your requirements. After the design confirmation is completed, the design drawings need to be submitted to the shopping mall for review. In this aspect, our designer team has done the design of many large shopping malls and shopping centers, and has rich design experience. We will assist you to complete the review of the shopping mall. Finally, when the store approves it, we can start production. The design will take 3-5 days and a small design fee will be paid.

cake kiosk Design step

Our design is very flexible, so if you want to have a custom cake booth of your own, we will design according to your requirements, such as the size of the design, the size of this kiosk is 3×3 meters, but your larger kiosk can help you design the size you want, the style can also be designed according to your ideas, such as to attract people’s attention, To create a glowing decoration inside the kiosk, a prominent poster or electronic advertising machine inside the kiosk is fine. If you have any request anything we can design for you we can do for you.

cake kiosk

Size: 3×3 m

Product name: Cake kiosk


Material: Medium-density fiberboard, surface paint.

Countertop: Artificial stone

Kick: stainless steel

Light: acrylic logo, electronic poster

Services: Design modification free of charge

cake kiosk