Sushi kiosk

We can all see fast food restaurants in the mall, that is because we are now more and more demanding for food, the need is also growing. Especially some snacks such as ice cream, milkshakes, candy, and all kinds of delicious snack foods. If you are also looking for a sushi kiosk, you can take a look at the detailed information so that we can know how to set up a sushi restaurant sooner.

sushi kiosk


Style: Modern

Name: Sushi kiosk

Size:3x3m(anyone size you like)

color:White、Black(any color you like)

Surface: paint finish

Desktop: Artificial stone desktop

Materials: plywood+ baking paint + glass

Design: According to your requirements

Order: Communicate with us to design the style you need, and pay a small design fee

sushi kiosk

Sushi kiosk layout

The kiosk is a square kiosk display, and you can see that the layout of the kiosk is quite clear, with some space in the middle, so that we can work in the middle. In the middle is an electronic advertising booth, and in the middle is also a freezer storage, where you can put sushi and make sure that our food is fresh. On the front is a cashier position, and next to it is our sushi display cabinet. The surface is a transparent material display. Frosted glass shelves are better so that customers can accurately choose our display cabinet desktop.

sushi kiosk Customize and Service

We are a direct customization factory. You can choose the style you like on our website and then send it to our customer service. When our customer service receives your information, we will give you timely feedback. At the same time, we need you to provide us with the required size and design details, so that we can timely give you a correct reply.

sushi kiosk