Do you play with toys during childhood? Most parents buy toys for their children to give them a happy and interesting childhood. It’s a great idea to open a kids’ toy kiosk in the mall because toys can satisfy children’s curiosity and stimulate their curiosity. Here is a nice wooden kids’ toy kiosk to share with you. It’s also good to use as a gift kiosk

toy counter

Description of toy kiosk

This toy kiosk’s dimension is 3m by 3m, cabinet height is 1m. We can see there is two square decoration stand on the counter. It’s  0.8m and includes metal support. To better show toys and items, we can add glass cabinets with shelving. So that clients can view and purchase products directly. On the bottom has drawers for storage. Brand logo and name attached on the front to remind popele of your business. While the 4 corners have full glass cabinets to attract people passing by.

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toy cabinet

This toy kiosk mainly uses plywood to build the wooden kiosk body, the surface material is solid wood, and looks high-end and attractive. Each cabinet has an 8mm tempered glass showcase with LED lights to highlight products. The cashier counter is set near the entrance door, which is convenient for paying cash. And the counter near it has a wooden countertop for better usage.

toy booth

Customize toy kiosk

You can tell us your requirements for a kids’ toy kiosk. Our design team can make 3D design models and render clear photos.  Then you can check the mall kiosk details and effects. If no changes, then we can move to the production step. Producing a 3m by 3m kiosk needs about 28 working days. Before shipping,  our workers will test the kiosks to make sure everything works right. Welcome to visit our factory and inquiry, we are ready to help you.