Do you like eating donuts? The Donuts kiosk is a good place to make and sell donuts in the mall. Popele can sit down and enjoy it when passing by. Today, I want to introduce a wooden food kiosk to you. It’s good to sell food, beverage, coffee, and even sweet food.

Donuts kiosk information:

  1. Size: 3m by 6m, it includes a service counter and individual seating area. If it’s your first business, renting a 3m by 3m would be better. You can also add bar chairs for seats.
  2. Color: Brown and yellow. The color would highly match your donuts shop theme and highlight products. So consider color combination before starting.
  3. Materials: Plywood with lamination surface, tempered glass, stainless steel kicking, acrylic, solid wood bar, etc.
  4. Advantages: Moisture-proof, durable, easy to use, enhance brand image

cake kiosk

Description of food kiosk

  • Service counter: We can see the front counter has a glass countertop machine to show donuts. The cashier counter and beverage machine are close to it so that clients can buy items directly. The dessert kiosk body has a 3D acrylic logo with wooden background. There is a warm LED surrounding it.

donuts kiosk

  • Working counter: The left-hand side has a working table, water sink, and necessary equipment set here for better usage. A glass plate on the wall to keep clients far from the working area. While the back side has tall display cabinets with glass doors to show more donuts for sale.

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donuts kiosk

  • Seating area: there are 4 square tables with wooden chairs on the left side. There is a wooden fence surrounding it for decoration which reminds poeple of your business. It’s a good idea to set table and chairs to match your fast food kiosk space.