This is a chocolate cabinet, mainly used in shopping malls. From the picture, you can see the appearance of this chocolate cabinet, simple and beautiful.

chocolate kiosk
The exterior of the chocolate cabinet is a liquid chocolate shape, and the color is also the color of chocolate. At the same time, there will be light boxes on the walls and pillars of the chocolate cabinet. This will draw attention to you and will promote your chocolate. Usually, you need to send us your logo and poster when you start the design, we will add your logo to the model when we start the 3D design, all the cabinets we design are unique.

We can see the layout of the chocolate cabinet from the picture of the cabinet. On the front of the cabinet, we can see a sink on the counter, and a lot of waffle equipment. Behind the chocolate cabinet, we can see the tempered glass food display cabinet, as well as several machines for making drinks and food, in addition, we will also set up a cash register there, which can increase the space utilization.

Other Information

Materials: Plywood, surface paint, stainless steel, tempered glass
Size: 4*3 meters
Color: Brown, white
Design time: 2-3 days
Design deposit: $300, which will be refunded to you upon confirmation of production
Production time: 22-26 days
Method of payment: 50% of the amount should be paid at the beginning of production, and the remaining half should be paid at the completion of production
Mode of transportation: We will choose the mode of transportation according to your requirements

How to Order?

1. Contact us
We need to charge 300 design fee, and then make a 3D model according to your requirements, including free modification for you
2. Pay 50% of the product amount and we will start producing your design
3. After the production is completed, you need to pay the remaining amount
4. Packing cabinets in wooden cases
5. Arrange transportation according to your requirements

please contact us, thank you!