This is a beauty cabinet for indoor use, and its structure can be seen from the picture. This girl cabinet is red. It’s a color that attracts attention. There are logos and posters on the outside of the cabinet.What’s more, it’s a good place to show your business.The poster can obviously let people know the function of the cabinet.

As you can see from the picture, there is a table, three stools, a table and a mirror in the beauty cabinet. On the other side is a clear window for cosmetics tools. Besides, there are a lot of lockers in the girl locker. We can see that the function of the eyebrow cabinet is very perfect.


The base material of this cabinet is MDF, which is a kind of durable and wear-resistant material. The surface is treated with lacquer, which makes the cabinet look very glossy. The bottom of the cabinet will have stainless steel kicks, can extend the service life. In addition, there are mirrors, lights, light box,stainless steel, tempered glass and other materials.


There is a passage in the middle of this cabinet, which is very convenient for personnel circulation.

Practical and beautiful.

Transparent Windows save space, attract crowds, and make cabinets cleaner.

More information

Size :2000*4000*1500 mm

Design: 3-5 working days

Production time: 20-22 working days after order confirmation

Packing: We’ll pack the pavilion in hard wooden cases

Transportation: Sea, air, land, you can choose according to your needs

Company profile

Founded in 2010, Shenzhen ,we are a professional production, design, and manufacturing enterprise, specializing in various commercial display cabinets,We have a professional team with 20 years of service experience.If you want to browse more eyebrow kiosk styles, you can check out the link. If you need, we can also customize for you.