This is a flower cabinet for outdoor use, and its exterior looks like a small house. In front of this flower cabinet is a black shelf with many different plants on it. On the outside of the cabinet is a hydraulic door that can propped up to protect the flowers when it rains and winds.

In addition, we can see that the sides of the flower cabinet are covered with plants, increasing the available space. On the roof of the flower cabinet, we can design your logo, which will let others remember the name of your shop and play a propaganda effect.

flower cabinet  

We can see that there is a reception desk outside the flower cabinet, which has the following characteristics.

    1.  It can put a cash register, which can be used to receive customers and facilitate your business.
    2.  the side can display potted plants.
    3.  there are lockers inside to store items.

custom flower cabinet

Other information

Material:Tempered glass, stainless steel,

Size: 3*3 M

Design time: 2-3 days

Production time: 22-25 days

Transportation: By air, land and air, according to your requirements.

Packing: We’ll use wooden cases for packing

Strength of our design

  1. 10 top professional designers to guarantee perfect and creative jewelry display showcases design.
  2. Design for many international famous brands and won many good customer reputation.
  3. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction of design.

Why choose us ?

We have a professional design team, focusing on the design of various cabinets for 20 years, which has well received by many customers. As long as you need, we can make your most satisfactory design for you, please contact us, thank you!