Are you looking for wooden kiosks for restaurants? Today, I’d love to share a modern and attractive wooden food kiosk with you. This versatile kiosk features a display counter at the front, making it easy for your clients to browse and purchase items. Besides, you can conveniently place the cashier counter at the corner for easy order placement and bill checking.

food court counter

4m by 2m fast food kiosk for sale

The counter body of this food kiosk comes with multiple menus and light box advertising. Complete with a charming wooden background. For added protection, we can even install a clear glass cover to safeguard your equipment and toppings. The back side of the wooden kiosk is a spacious work counter, complete with a water sink for all your cleaning needs. The owner also has ample space for storing equipment and supplies. Additionally, we’ve included a convenient wall cabinet that you can attach to the side, giving you even more storage options for your items.

food counter

More information

  • Lightbox: This larder has many light boxes with different designs on them. These patterns look great as food store decorations. It will make the food store outstanding. At the same time, beautiful light boxes can also attract attention.
  • Led strip: We can see that the bottom and top of the cabinet are illuminated by light because it has LED soft light strips inside the cabinet. Lighting makes your store look more sophisticated.
  • Basic material: The pantry is made of plywood with wood grain fire boards on the surface. The surface of the cabinet is artificial stone, which has a waterproof performance and is easy to clean. In addition, there are tempered glass, stainless steel, and wood.



To add a touch of brand personality, the middle area of the snack kiosk features a wooden strip decoration, creating a captivating brand image wall. Hang up your posters and let your brand shine.