This is a food cabinet used in stores. When we enter a store, the first thing we notice is the food counter. Therefore, the design of the food cupboard in a store is very important. The pantry has a food machine, a freezer, and a cash register on the front. 

food court counter

The counter on the side is where the food scraps are kept. Behind the cabinet is the kitchen for the staff where we will install the stainless steel sink. Besides, we will install the equipment you need there. As for the wall of the cabinet, there are two wooden cabinets on it, and there are strips of wood next to it as decoration.

food counter


Light box

This larder has many light boxes with different designs on them. These patterns look great as food store decorations and will make your store look more professional. At the same time, beautiful light boxes can also attract attention.

Led strip

We can see that the bottom and top of the cabinet  illuminated by light, because we  installed led soft light strips inside the cabinet. Lighting  make your store look more sophisticated.


The pantry is made of plywood with wood grain fire boards on the surface. The surface of the cabinet is artificial stone, which has waterproof performance and is easy to clean. In addition, there are tempered glass, stainless steel, wood.


Why choose us ?

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