This is a jewelry cabinet used in the shopping mall, and its structure can be seen from the picture. The cabinet is white, which looks very high-end, and the simple colors complement the luxury of the jewelry. jewelry cabinetIn addition, we will also install the light belt in the jewelry cabinet, so that the color and color of the jewelry will be more attractive under the foil of the light. We can see that the jewelry cabinet is high and low, to make the cabinet look more creative. On either side of the cabinet is a small black cabinet that can be used to store items.


This cabinet is made of MDF and lacquered. So this cabinet looks not only shiny, but also very textured. Very much in line with the high value of jewelry. In addition, there are toughened glass used to display jewelry, toughened glass is very hard, not easy to break. If you want to make the jewelry look more beautiful, we can also replace the tempered glass with tempered clear glass. The bottom of the jewelry cabinet is usually easily damaged. We will install stainless steel kickers.custom jewelry kiosk

Acrylic logo

A brand, publicity logo is essential, it can give customers the first impression about your brand, make your jewelry more famous. So we created an eye-catching logo on the front of the jewelry cabinet. About the logo, we can provide different materials, such as acrylic, crystal, hollow, etc., according to your choice to customize.

How to order ?

firstly, we will make a 3D design first, (2-3 days)

Secondly,we will make changes according to your requirements, knowing that you are satisfied with this design.

Thirdly,We started manufacturing the cabinet as designed. (22-26 days).

fourthly,we will pack it in wooden case.

Finally,arrange transportation according to your choice.

If you need it, please contact us!