Do you plan to open a watch kiosk? Watches are popular among people because it does not only remind people of time but are also used as decoration. Watch highlight the characters. It’s a great idea to start with the watches business. Here is a valuable watches kiosk sharing with you.

watch kiosk

Description of watch kiosk

The watch kiosk has glass counters surrounding the mall kiosk. It has LED lights on each cabinet to make the watches outstanding. Underneath are storage cabinets with locks. The front counter has attached posters with attractive watch patterns, which allows people to learn about crafts and styles to gain more clients. A higher level of glass showcase is good to use as a window display to promote main items.

View more unique watch kiosk design

  • Size: 4m by 3m
  • Color: Black and white
  • Materials: MDF, baking paint, tempered glass, stainless steel, acrylic logo, light lamp, etc.
  • Usage: Display watches for sale and protects items at night.

watch kiosk

Merchants can set a tall display shelving at the entrance. It can display other items to increase sales, such as balance bikes, ski gear, phone cases, boutiques, jewelry, gifts, and any products you sell. The cashier counter is set against it, which is good to use as a reception counter and can also check bills. We can also view it as a jewelry kiosk or cellphone kiosk.

watch kiosk

How to make a 3D design?

The watch kiosk has a logo panel at the entrance and a brand signage wall to remind people of your business. We have an excellent design team to develop unique glass kiosk ideas. They will follow the merchant’s requirements, make it reasonable, and look beautiful. The shop owner only has to check the watch kiosk design and confirm it. If people want to change somewhere, we will cooperate to modify it soon.