Design concept 

When we see something really cute, we can’t help but get close to it. It’s like when we see a really cute puppy on the road, we go up and touch it. Similarly, when we walk in the mall and find a very cute pantry, we will also be tempted to approach it and try to see if the food in the pantry is so attractive. This shows that our design concept is successful. It will help you attract more customers.


From here you can see that the food kiosk is divided into four areas, the left area is for food preparation, there are several machines for food preparation. The front area is for selling food and packing food. There are two toughened glass covers for putting food on it. Moreover, the front counter is low, which is very convenient for customers to choose food. The counter on the right has a beverage machine, and an oven, which is used mainly for making drinks, but also for making pizzas and other foods.There’s a sink in the back area, and we’ll install water tanks under the sink. And the pantry exit is at the back.There are also lockers inside the pantry for storage



This is the process of making the cabinet. You can see the material of the cabinet, as well as its physical picture.

food cabinet  

Bright spot 

1 Cabinet has lots of lovely luminous acrylic logos, a light box with a food pattern, easy to attract attention. 

2. The use area of the food cabinet has a clear division of labor, which is easy to keep clean.

3 covers a small area, but the function is complete


Material: The cabinet is made of plywood as the base material, and the surface is pasted with the fire-proof board, which has a good fire-proof and moisture-proof function. In addition, there are stainless steel, tempered glass 

Size: 3*3 M 

Design: 2-3 working days 

Production time: 20-22 working days after order confirmation 

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