Are you seeking a fashion and contemporary beauty kiosk which provides outstanding eyebrow threading services? Search no more! We are excited to declare the appearance of the magnificent 5m by 2.5m Fashion Eyebrow Kiosk in Australia. This cutting-edge kiosk can offer a cozy and fashionable setting for all your beauty requirements.

The material of the kiosk

eyebrow booth


We use MDF as the main material to make eyebrow kiosk. Because for MDF, we usually make the surface baking paint. Whether outdoors or indoors, baking paint has a bright and smooth effect. This can be a good way to let customers notice your stand. In addition, MDF ensures easy cleaning and a long lifespan. High-quality laminates or veneers are used for a sleek finish.

Induction of the kiosk

The eyebrow kiosk features three elaborate workstations, each equipped with a square mirror. This ensures that our highly skilled brow line professionals have enough space to meet multiple customers simultaneously. You can expect efficient service without sacrificing quality. Our professionals trains to provide precise and perfect brow line effects that will enhance your natural beauty. The reception counter is also located in this area and let our friendly staff assist you with any enquiries or booking arrangements.

On the other side of the eyebrow kiosk, you will find a long sofa, perfect for those who like to relax. Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service. And we believe that the design of our eyebrow kiosk plays a crucial role in achieving this.

brow kiosk

An advertising machine installed further promotes the services offered. The three posters on the back ensure that even those entering from the rear of the mall are aware of the kiosk’s offerings. The addition of a triangular wood grain mosaic on the sides adds a touch of natural charm and texture.

Layout of the kiosk

The layout of the beauty kiosk is carefully planned. It provides a comfortable and functional space for beauty treatments. There are designated areas for eyebrow shaping, with proper lighting and seating. Storage compartments are incorporated to keep tools and products organized. The overall layout ensures an efficient workflow and a pleasant experience for both the staff and the clients. The irregularly shaped wood grain mosaic underneath the posters adds an artistic touch and contributes to the overall ambiance of the kiosk. It creates a visually appealing backdrop that enhances the beauty of the space.