Food court counters become popular among people because it’s a profitable idea to open food booths. Consumers can buy all kinds of food, snacks, and drinks in one place. Today, I want to introduce a smoothie kiosk to you. It’s suitable in the mall, restaurants, and clubs, let’s learn the details together.

Food Court Counter

Description of food court counter

No matter how much your location size, we can customize it for you. It includes a display showcase area, service counter, pick-up area, machine space, and storage cabinets. We can also attach your brand logo, menu, and posters to the counter.

  • Size: 5m long and 0.6m wide, counter height is 1m-1.2m
  • Color: White with colorful sticker decoration. You can also make other colors related to your shop theme
  • Material: MDF, glossy baking paint surface, stainless steel kicking, 8mm tempered glass, etc.

Food Court Counter

Details information

For better delivery and installation, the mall counter is divided into 3 parts. There is a high glass wall on one side, it is to protect the machines and also allow people to see. The middle area has a topping bar with a freezer, which is good to show items to customers. Next to it is the reception counter, you can provide warm service. People can also check bills when installing a cashier register here.

Food Court Counter

How to get a food kiosk?

  1. Make a 3D design. You can tell us your sizes, color, and ideas, our designer will create a food court counter design accordingly. If you need small changes, we will also help you modify them soon.
  2. Produce food stall. Produce is following the confirmed kiosk design. So you can finally get what you want. We will take photos and videos regularly to keep you updated. Then install it and test it before shipping.