Mall retail merchandising units become popular in the shopping mall. People like fashion hair styling to enhance their characteristics and gives people an impression. It’s a great idea to open a hair straightener kiosk booth to gain money. Today, I want to share an RMU stall with you.

hair straightener kiosk

Description of retail merchandising units

We can see from below design photos, the hair tool stand is black and white. It has a high-end shop effect and enhances the brand theme.  The RMU stand is mainly used to display items to clients, size 60 inches by 40 inches. We can place hair straighteners, hair cuts, curling irons, hair dryers, hair combs, and other products. Materials include MDF, baking paint, stainless steel, acrylic, light lamp, etc.

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RMU stall

Detail information

There are multiple display shelving on three sides. There are 2 raws displays on the top, and the bottom has storage cabinets to store items. It increases the display area, we can also add adjustable shelving on each drawer. We can also adjust the shelving to a suitable height used as a table so that people can sit down to talk with the seller.

RMU stand

The site has a brand logo wall to remind people of your business. While another side has a reception counter with an acrylic panel in the middle. All drawers have locks so that people can lock them at night.

hair straightener kiosk

We can add small wheels at the bottom, it’s easy to move to different locations. We can also add a light lamp to highlight the mall booths, it also attracts people’s eye’s attention.