The food kiosk is a good place to sell all kinds of food, such as ice cream, frozen yogurt, donuts, and snacks. It’s a great idea to start a business with a nice food kiosk. An attractive and upscale food kiosk makes your shop outstanding and can remind poeple of your business. Today, I want to share a nice food kiosk with you. Let’s learn more information together.

Food kiosk

Introduction of fast food kiosk

As we can see in the below photo, the food kiosk mainly uses wooden decorations. It gives people an environmentally friendly effect, related to your delicious food. Size is 669cm long by 255cm wide, we can make it suit your location sizes.

Food booth

There is a wooden reception counter in the middle of the front side. We can attach brand signage, and a menu board to remind poeple of your business. There are 2 glass display cabinets on each side of the cashier counter, which can display different foods for sale.

Food counter

The back counter has multiple spaces for equipment and a work area. It is viewed as a kitchen room to prepare food and ice cream. There is also a lock cabinet in the middle to store more food items. If we are going to make full use of the new design drawing. We can also add glass panels on the top of the counters and walls. It is good to keep clients always from equipment, to avoid accidents. View more snack kiosk design

A stainless steel water sink is set near the entrance door. It is convenient to use and won’t affect the workspace.  It’s a great option to make a 3D design before starting, so the businessmen can arrange all equipment properly and view the actual effect directly. We can also add new ideas to view more styles to choose the final food kiosk design.