If you are a beauty salon owner, but always wondering how to create a beauty place that suits your clients and your own style? So, our exclusive beauty salon furniture – Nail booth.

  • The beauty salon area is not convenient to use

In the beauty salon layout, area use and utilization rate are essential. And our nail booth, can be very good to solve your problem.

  • Very aesthetic and practical design

Our nail booth features a comfortable sofa with a beautiful and high quality mirror, and the lighting design is just right for your clients to enjoy a truly professional beauty service.

  • High space utilization rate, save the site

Our manicure kiosk only needs a dedicated area to provide customers with professional beauty services. The space utilization rate is higher, so that your beauty salon no longer appears crowded.

  • Comfortable, convenient and safe design

Our nail booth is made of high quality MDF material . It is durable and is the most suitable material. The wavy design on both sides saves space very well. The combination of yellow and white color gives customers a good visual experience. Each seat  installs  a washing device. It can facilitate the washing during the manicure. Most of these areas are made of stainless steel, and the surface of the cabinet is lacquer.  Customers also like this material.


Our company has more than ten years of experience in custom furniture, and we have many successful cases. If you would like to open a nail booth in a mall, supermarket or other retail store, please let us know your idea and we have a professional design team to help you realize your entrepreneurial dream.