Nail booth display

We all go to the mall on weekends or on our days off to get a beauty or a manicure or eyebrow. Because we all like beauty, so we in the beauty shop will be in high demand, as we can not live without beauty. It requires a ritual day display and a more service-oriented nail salon design to meet the demand. Next up is a popular nail booth display.

nail kiosk

Nail booth layout

The design of the beauty shop is clear, with four chairs facing each other in the middle and a long table top in the middle so that customers can enjoy one-to-one service. Desk lamps are also designed to illuminate the desk, so that staff can see clearly as they help customers with manicures, beauty treatments and beauties. The front of the booth is a logo display and poster promotion of the design. The glowing logo comes out better. The side is a display cabinet of nail oil, and the glass material can better show the nature of nail polish.

nail kiosk

Layout display

The whole nail booth is the production area, cashier area, and display area. For nail salons, there will be a great demand for customer service, so we will design two production areas. Convenient to serve guests during holidays and days off.

nail kiosk nail kiosk