Mobile food carts are popular business ideas in the food industry, suitable for starters and small investments. Merchants can sell snacks, chocolate, bubble tea, coffee, ice cream, and more food to earn money. Today, I introduce you to a friendly mobile ice cream cart. It’s fit for a mall booth and street location.

food carts

Description of ice cream carts

This ice cream cart is mainly blue with pink decorations, which gives people an incredible feeling and attracts clients from a distance. It has display counters, space for a freezer, a cake display showcase, a push handle, wheels, and a big roof. You can also attach the brand logos and posters to the food carts body for advertising. The food carts’ size ranges from 1m to 2.4m; the popular sizes are 1.8m long, 0.6m deep, and 2.2m tall. We can customize the food carts based on unique ideas. It’s necessary to reserve enough space for machines, so please tell us what kind of food you sell and what is the machine sizes.

ice cream cart

There is a hydraulic panel on the sides to increase the display area. The front body has a small display showcase for donuts, macarons, and cakes to increase sales. There are posters to show ice cream patterns to attract people. At the same time, the back side has drawers for better usage.

More ice cream kiosk designs

ice cream cart

Material details

  • Primary material: MDF, or stainless steel
  • Surface material: Baking paint or stickers
  • Countertop material: Artificial stone, wooden, or stainless steel table
  • Other materials: Metal support, wheels, canopy roof, hardware, etc.

We can choose suitable materials to build the food carts. If you have no idea, please tell us your thoughts, and we can help you select appropriate materials to create the ice cream cart. All the material details show on the construction drawing for your confirmation. We will take photos to show you the effects during production.