When you see many office workers all have a cup of coffee, have you ever had the idea of opening a coffee stand? A good coffee stand can help you attract customers and expand brand awareness. Today, I want to share a coffee stand to help you start your business. This stand is a classical design with brown color.

A brief introduction to coffee stand

This coffee stand is suitable for places with high traffic, such as office buildings, schools or shopping malls. The stand has three water sinks, and the sink at the front desk for washing hands while packing coffee, giving customers a sense of hygiene. The other two sinks are for easy cleaning of equipment such as coffee makers. The black and brown lines give the kiosk a layered look. In addition, this coffee stand has painting light boxes on the front, you can put the logo on it. We also provide a cash register. There is a tall display cabinet on the side of the cash register where you can add signs or posters to advertise. The door opens at the back wall.

coffee kiosk

Material Information

For food kiosk, we generally use plywood as the main material. But we can also use MDF as the main material to build coffee kiosks. Because for MDF, we usually make the surface baking paint. Whether outdoors or indoors, baking paint has a bright and smooth effect. This can be a good way to let customers notice your stand. Other materials include stainless steel toe kick, light box painting and arcylic. Moreover, the table top is made of artificial stone.

coffee table

Coffee stand’s features

Imagine when people walk by and see the coffee stand, simple and stylish, with elegant decoration inside. Inside the stand, baristas are carefully making coffee, and the beans are fragrant. I don’t think that anyone can resist buying a cup of coffee to taste at this point. Here are some features for this food stand:

Flexibility: Compared with traditional coffee shops, coffee stand is more flexible in location and business model, which can be adjusted according to different needs and scenarios.

Atmosphere creation: Through lighting to create a warm, relaxed atmosphere, so that customers can enjoy coffee at the same time can relax themselves.

Durability: We use high-quality materials MDF to ensure that it is not easily deformed or damaged during long-term use. In addition, the surface treatment process is exquisite, with good wear resistance and scratch resistance.