An attractive and unique candy kiosk is helpful for business. A high-level candy shop theme can appeal to customers. With the fast development of society, there are individual sweet kiosks in the market. A business person can also incorporate their creativity and intelligence into mall food kiosk design to stand out from competitors. Today, I want to share a colorful candy kiosk sharing with you.

candy booth

Introduction of candy kiosk

  • Size: 3m by 2m
  • Color: Combines brilliant colors to get a lovely sweet kiosk effect
  • Materials: MDF, baking paint, stainless steel, acrylic, and 8mm tempered glass
  • Usage: Display and sell all kinds of candies, nuts, chocolate, and snacks in a good way; enhance shop theme and promote business.

We can see there is a display cabinet on the front and backside. It has three layers in total with acrylic boxes. There are wave decoration frames, which make the candy kiosk special. Two corners have cartoon hydrogen balloon decoration and brand logo board with lollipop model embellishment, very reflect your store image and letting more people understand your business.

candy kiosk

The left-hand side has a glass display cabinet with shelving. It can present candies to the public with LED light lamps. It has a sliding door at the back so clients can ask workers to take out items if needed. And the right-hand counter uses as a checkout table, and your brand logo sets on the surface to remind poeple of your business. The entrance door looks like a giant brown chocolate, vividly making people notice you when they pass by.

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candy kiosk

The bottom has colorful stickers surrounding the dessert kiosk and mirror-effect stainless steel for kicking protection. You can also add flooring light to make your candy booth stand out. No matter when you plan to open a candy kiosk, contact us now and get more ideas.