Candy displays and wall cabinets are very important for candy shops. It’s decorate the shops and can also show candies in a good way. No matter how many long and unique walls you want, Mall Kiosk can meet your demands. Because we have an excellent design team, can create design models for you. Now, I want to share nice wall display cabinets with you.

Candy cabinet

Description of candy wall cabinet

As we can see in the design photos, this candy wall cabinet suits walls with angles. It combines with wall-mounted shelving and slat wall display. Which is suited for displaying all kinds of candies and snacks. We can also add lollipops, fruits, and candies decoration to make the wall cabinet look better. View market stall designs

Candy counter

The primary color is pink combined with purple, green, orange, and blue accents. Colorful candy display attracts the eyes’ attention and vividly shows what you provided. There are pink and white strip stickers at the bottom to remind poeple of your business and products. There is an arrow stand on the top, creating a lovely and welcoming atmosphere.

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Produce photos show

We can view the real effect of the candy wall cabinets by producing effect photos. It has a glossy and smooth effect. Primary materials include MDF with baking paint finishes. Other materials include aluminum groove panels, stainless steel, etc. We can also add LED light to brighten the items. Learn more information about cotton candy kiosk

Candy display  Candy stall

The workers make separate wall cabinets and package them individually. It can save some shipping space and is also convenient to transport to the candy shop.