This is a pancake cart for outdoor use. The car is very easy to use, just like we ride bicycles, and it is an environmentally friendly tool. We can see from the picture, there are two pancake equipment in the car, the mixing table in the middle, and the roof is used to keep out the sun and rain. The rectangular transparent box on the side can be used to increase the storage space of the car.

food cart


The small size of the pancake cart makes it convenient and simple to use

There are storage cabinets on the front of the pancake cart and cuboid boxes made of tempered glass on the side to increase the available space.

The pancake car has a low production cost, which can save your production funds. It is an investment with high income and low risk


This is the production drawing, we will use iron to make a frame of the pancake car, and then use plywood to make a cabinet. In order to make the cabinet more beautiful, we will paste wood grain fire proof board on the cabinet, iron will be used as support between the wooden cabinet bodies, and tempered glass will  used to make a rectangular box on the side. In addition, we also provide a pancake facility, and in the middle of the facility is a stainless steel container for ingredients. To keep the food clean, we also install a piece of toughened glass in the back of the cart to keep out cart

food cart

How to order ?

First of all, we will make a 3 d design (2-3 days) .

Secondly, we will send 3d design to you. We will make changes according to your requirements.

Thirdly,we will arrange production (22-26 days),

Finally, according to your requirements to choose the mode of transportation.