Cake kiosk

The cake is the food we all like to eat, we will be attracted by the mall inside the cake kiosk, this is because the cake kiosk inside a lot of delicious cakes in the temptation of us. So building a cake kiosk in a mall is a great project. Who doesn’t love delicious cupcakes? Each snack cabinet has its unique nature, eye-catching shape, style, special design, and so on are the places we need to pay attention to. Now let me introduce the details of this kiosk to you.

cake kiosk

Size: 3x2m

Color: White or whatever color you want

Style: Modern style, popular style, different styles

Bottom: stainless steel kicker

Tabletop: Artificial stone

cake kiosk


Besides The layout of the cake kiosk is very clear and reasonable. We will design reasonable cabinets and artificial stone tabletops to place food for a long time. The cashier has two sinks on the tabletop display, and the bottom is the display position of the cabinet to store our goods. Next to it is a place for freezers to store more equipment. On the front of the kiosk is a poster design of a cake display, and on the side is a small door, an area for staff to enter.

cake kiosk


In addition, This cake kiosk is a 2×2 meter designed kiosk display, we can customize a suitable cake kiosk according to your desired size for you, but if you want more style design, you can also contact our customer service or we will do a new design project for you.

cake kiosk

Customize service

The last The poster display area is very attractive because people’s first attention will see the poster’s good logo display. The location of the logo and poster design can be customized, including the design style of the poster and the location and style of the logo display. We are a direct customization factory. We have made cake cabinets of different styles. Can we show you different styles and make different designs for you? But I need you to show me more details so that we can better carry out the following work. Please contact our customer service for more information to work for you.

cake kiosk