In the fast pace of modern life, sometimes we want to enjoy delicious and healthy snacks but don’t have many choices. Therefore, juice kiosks in shopping malls can help meet consumer demand. The 5m x 3m MDF fruit Juice kiosk with white lacquered-marble countertop . It offers a variety of fresh, healthy and delicious fruit juices and snacks in the mall. Consumers can enjoy delicious and healthy snacks easily.


Description of the juice  kiosk

Shopping mall juice kiosk can produce a variety of fresh, rich taste juice. Such as orange juice, watermelon juice, apple juice, etc. Therefore, customers can take the opportunity to try a variety of different textures and tastes to enhance the shopping experience.

The juice kiosk is made of high quality MDF material and white paint, which has excellent durability and aesthetics. Marble countertops can provide consumers with more personalized service space. Fruit juice kiosks can be seen everywhere in shopping malls, which can not only reduce consumers’ time in searching for food in shopping malls, but also optimize the regional layout and streamline of shopping malls, and improve consumers’ shopping comfort and convenience.

Juice kiosks in shopping malls can provide consumers with a variety of food, so that consumers taste and experience more high-end, healthy. Nowadays, more and more malls have added juice kiosks, which have become a popular option. If you also want to make your shopping mall more interesting in order to increase foot traffic and sales, then mall juice kiosks must be a good choice.

We specialize in this field for several years. With the strength of custom juice kiosk  . We have been successfully built kiosks for famous franchise brand. Such as  DHC ,Dior , Myculture…etc. with good quality and pretty competitive price.

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