We can see skin care kiosks and food kiosks in the mall, but rarely see comprehensive kiosks. The retail booth I introduced today mainly sells daily accessories. Let’s view more information.

It’s undoubtedly a highly functional design, especially when considering that the products are small and diverse. As a result, we have deliberately adopted various display methods to enable you to showcase the products effectively. For instance, the countertops have been separated by a partition. This arrangement is extremely suitable for you to display a wide range of headbands, hairpins, and the like. These products may be small in size, but there are numerous kinds of them. Without a doubt, you will find these grids extremely useful.

retail stand


There are also several display areas featuring hooks on the countertop. These hooks allow you to display your products whenever you wish to provide customers with a better view of them. The display of accessories is not only important for visual presentation but is also indispensable for trying on. Therefore, we have thoughtfully designed a mirror on the table. This way, customers can make their selections while having the opportunity to see how the accessories look on them, enabling them to choose the most suitable products with ease and confidence.

retail display


In addition, we have made the most of the remaining space and deliberately designed numerous cabinets at the bottom of the counter. This is to enable you to store your products conveniently. The area opposite the Checkout counter is purposefully designed to display a diverse range of manicure and makeup tools. Displaying a wide variety of products in this manner can attract a greater number of customers to come. Moreover, we have once again utilized the remaining space and carefully designed many cabinets at the bottom of the counter to facilitate your product storage. You can plan the opposite side of the Checkout counter to showcase an assortment of manicure and makeup tools. The display of such a diverse range of products has the potential to draw in even more customers.