Sushi Kiosk

Firstly, good-looking kiosks are eye-catching, and we like to be attracted by good food and good-looking kiosks. Sushi is one of the most popular food kiosks in recent years, and according to this data, we will get a lot of customers to take care of our business. The eye-catching kiosk is a great creative design, and we’ll see a design fit for a sushi restaurant inside the kiosk.

sushi kiosk

Sushi kiosk layout

Besides, the layout inside the sushi kiosk is very reasonable, and neatly arranged sushi becomes a scenic display. This is a 3×3 meter kiosk display, you can see the display kiosk is a good design style. Sushi kiosk inside the design of a cashier, a single sink, a freezer, a menu, poster advertising machine display. The front of the sushi kiosk is a logo and poster showing the location of the checkout counter. You can see the design on the front of the kiosk is a combination of red and beige.

sushi kiosk Sushi kiosk Detail

In addition,Sushi kiosk side display is the red and black artificial stone tabletop responsibility, the reason for this design is that the artificial stone tabletop can well extend the service life of the kiosk, and wear resistance. At the same time, the black artificial stone tabletop is very dirty, and customers will be comfortable seeing the clean and tidy tabletop, so we can use this material to build our kiosks. Stainless steel kicks can be a good protection of our kiosk, preventing the ground long time to receive the ground contact and damp, so the design of stainless steel kicks is a good design detail.

sushi kiosk

Customized service

The last, we are a custom factory, we will make a new design for you, and you will get the new design we made for you. If you  interested in the whole product, please give me more information so that we can give you more design ideas.

sushi kiosk