The intersection of world food culture, bao buns kiosk became popular. The bao buns from China bring a fresh taste. The rich taste of bao buns is very popular among people, and fritters have also become delicious food. Fritters is a kind of deep-fried flour. It is serve as breakfast in China. Its salty and crispy taste love by everyone.

bao buns kiosk

Descriptions of Bao Buns Kiosk

  1. The main material of this one is metal. Stronger and more durable.
  2. Finish is spray paint, The kiosk color can free selected and matched.
  3. Light, white lighting, enriched by colored shades.
  4. Painting light boxes, supporting various light source lighting devices to achieve the effect of displaying pictures in a light box. General put menu in it.
  5. Acrylic logo with color. It can use indoors and outdoors, not afraid of the sun and rain.

This food kiosk can be used not only indoors, but also outdoors. Since the whole is made of metal, it particularly strong, sun-proof and waterproof. Have doors on all sides that can close. The multi-functional door can also protect customers from rain and sun.

This bao buns kiosk looks very cute. The colors are bright and lovely. The overall shape is simple, but the special shape on the top adds to the fun. The shape of the top is like the color and shape of fried dough sticks. Of course, this multifunctional bao buns kiosk can also be used as a donut kiosk.

Although this food kiosk is relatively small in size, the configuration inside is complete, including a small baking machine and a sink that can clean and organize.

This kiosk can provide a delicious breakfast for office workers in a hurry, and is very popular. We can sell donuts at noon and in the evening. is a very good choice.