This is a jewelry cabinet. We can see the appearance of this jewelry display cabinet from the picture. From the front. The upper part of this cabinet is a display area made of tempered glass. This area has three display grids of the same size, and staff can open cabinets with keys, which is a very convenient setup. In the bottom half of the cabinet, there are also three push-boxes that can used to store items. 

Bright spot

The bottom half of the cabinet is made of stainless steel, which looks beautiful, and the cabinet looks very shiny and has a good texture.

Other information

Materials: Stainless steel, tempered glass, MDF

Size: 2000*1000*1500 MM

Color: Gold

Design deposit: We will charge a design fee of $300, which will refunded to you when production is confirmed

Design time: 2-3 days.

Production time: 22-26 days.

Payment method: We will charge 50% deposit when we confirm the production, and charge the balances before shipment

Production drawing

This is the production drawing of the jewelry cabinet. We can see the most real appearance of the jewelry cabinet. It looks more beautiful than the design drawing. In addition, we will install led lights in the cabinet, and the jewelry will shine in the light

Why choose us?

With 20 years of service experience and many successful cases, we can provide you with more efficient and professional service. At the same time, we have a professional design team, can design unique cabinets for you. Our locker has been to a lot of high-end stores. For example: Simon, West field, GGP, etc. This is enough to show that our design and technology are recognized, is worthy of trust. You can know the progress of production at any time, because we have our own factory. If you need custom cabinets, please contact us, thank you!