Starting with a barber kiosk in the mall is a profitable business idea. People like attractive hair styling to enhance their characteristics. A fantastic hair salon kiosk leaves a deep impression on people and improves the shop atmosphere. Today, I want to share an excellent barber kiosk design with you.

barber kiosk

Barber kiosk decoration

This barber kiosk is golden metal with a curved glass display. It looks high-end and makes the hair salon shop outstanding. Materials include stainless steel, hot bending glasses, PVC flooring, light lamp, mirror, leather, etc. We can also make it fit your brand theme and location.

hair salon kiosk

Barber kiosk details information

We can see there is a glass display showcase on the front side of the entrance, it uses as a sales window to show haircut tools. Merchants can also place shampoo products here. When entering the hair shop, we can see there is a tall display cabinet here, it has a brand sign “Cartier” on the glass, and the bottom is black color with golden frame decoration. Poeple can show more models and products here for ale.

barber shop station

In the middle of the hair shop is a row of hair stations with mirrors and a wash sink behind each station, so people can wash their hands directly. And there is a seating sofa for clients to sit down, and guests can also receive perm and hair dyeing services here. There is a tall white wall with a round mirror at the entrance, that’s to protect people’s privacy and it also uses as a brand image wall.

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hair kiosk

Another side has a semicircular glass display, which looks like a bird’s nest, it looks very unique. The shop owner can place various hairstyle displays and products to attract people to the store. We can also set up glass display counters along with a cashier register in the hair salon shop to gain more business.

hair salon booth