The honey kiosk is seen everywhere in the shopping mall because people think it’s healthy food and has great taste. It’s a great idea to start a honey kiosk to earn money. Here is an attractive honey cart to share with you. No matter whether you plan to sit in the mall or at events, this honey cart is a great option. Let’s view more information together.

Mall retail cart

High-end honey cart design

This honey cart mainly uses a black and golden metal frame decoration, which looks elegant and highly matches the products. Size is 180cm long, 80cm wide, and 220cm tall, suits most mall booths, and even can be used as RMU stands to display honey. Because it has a glass showcase in the middle of the counter. Besides, the golden frame consists of a regular hexagon, shaped like a honeycomb, vividly expressing your items to clients.

Honey booth

We can see the mall cart’s two sides are higher than the middle glass countertop, it has a lockable cabinet used for restoring more honey for sale. Besides, the cashier counter is also set aside with push handles. So the owner can push it to different locations. Next to the cashier counter are wooden honeycomb decoration, which looks very attractive and elegant.

Honey cabinet

We can add the brand sign with stickers, so clients can see your food booths from a far distance. The golden shape of flowing water decorates the counter, like flowing honey, visually displaying your products and company philosophy. 4 wheels at the bottom, so the owner can move it easily to different locations when in need.

Produce effect

Honey cart Honey cart

We can see how the food kiosk looks from the produce photos. That’s what the owner will receive for business. The primary material is stainless steel, which increases the sense of metal features. We can also use LED light lamps to highlight the items.