Drinks kiosk are very popular in the shopping mall. Tody, I will introduce a kiosk with green color. Let’s view more details about it.

Kiosk wood material

The top structure made of green and wood strips is not only visually appealing but also highly functional. We introduce the green elements to help create a sense of freshness and vitality, making customers feel rejuvenated and energized. We incorporate the wood strips to add a warm and inviting touch, making customers feel comfortable and at ease.

beverage kiosk

Kiosk’s top

Five sturdy columns securely connect the kiosk’s top to the countertop. It provides a stable and visually pleasing structure. Surrounding the top, a mesh of wire adds a unique touch while also allowing for ventilation and a sense of openness. To enhance its charm, the top is adorned with lush plants, creating a connection to nature.

In the middle of the kiosk, a prominent green wooden board extends, featuring a luminous sign that catches the eye. The wood is beautifully surrounded by lights, adding an enchanting glow.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the top structure composed of green and wood strips also serves a practical purpose. The green elements can actively help regulate temperature, keeping the kiosk cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The wood strips provide essential structural support and help create a cohesive design that ties the whole kiosk together.

bubble tea kiosk

Kiosk’s counter

The top of the kiosk is apricot. The countertop at the back of the kiosk has a sink. Next to the sealer, and a little past that is the dining area. There is also a floor below the dining area for retail tea. On the front of the kiosk is a glass display with a cooling system. You can use it for fresh milk or fruit. On the side is L-shaped decorative panels with stripes. The board is fitted with luminous signs. At the same time, this decorative board has a menu on it. Past that is the cash register. The board that houses the cash register is brown and has a picture of a light box on the outside. There is a stainless steel shelf on the side of the kiosk.