Starbucks coffee is a high-end coffee bar that poeple like very much. It’s an excellent idea to join Starbucks and open a coffee kiosk to earn money. Starbucks coffee booth is everywhere in the shopping mall, street, and near park. Here is a nice Starbucks kiosk sharing with you. It will give you ideas to open your beverage kiosk.

starbuck kiosk

Description of Starbucks kiosk

Size is 3m by 3m. This Starbucks kiosk fit most of the coffee booth in the mall. It has brown wooden strip finishes and a staggered metal roof. We can use warm light to create a friendly atmosphere. Materials include:

  • Plywood
  • Natural wood bar
  • Lamination surface
  • Black artificial stone
  • 3D luminous logo
  • Lightbox painting
  • Stainless steel kicking

coffee kiosk

Layout information

We can see the front counter has a cashier register to check bills. It uses as an ordering and pick-up counter. Underneath the table is a locked cabinet for storage. Merchants can set up the coffee machine and blenders on the working counter at the backside. A Menu board hangs on the wall above it, which guides people to purchase coffee. It has a metal pegboard trim with a logo on food both, vividly showing the business to clients. We can also use a pegboard with a slogan under the ceiling as decoration. A round light box and under-counter light make the food booth look better.

Learn more about coffee shop design

starbuck kiosk

You can get a good kiosk effect at Mall-Kiosk when you plan to open a coffee kiosk. Our professional design team comes up with new ideas based on your needs. And will do at least three kiosk styles and choose one for your confirmation. The sales team will take photos and videos to update your progress frequently. If you have a kind in mind, send us an inquiry now. We are here and ready to help.