Many people like sushi because it has fresh seafood and a delicious taste. Are you looking for a sushi kiosk to earn money? No matter how unique the sushi kiosk you want, Mall-kiosk can give you better design solutions. Now, I want to share a helpful sushi booth with you. It’s good to sit in the middle of the shopping center.

Sushi Kiosk

Description of sushi kiosk

The front counter has a glass display counter with a topping. The brand logo and signage are on the surface, and a cashier register is near it. Clients can order meals and pay bills here. The corner has two tall display stands, suitable for showing the menu, posters, and video advertising.

Sushi Kiosk

It’s a good idea to show beverages and drink machines. At the same time, the back counter uses to prepare sushi and food. The water sink stands here for convenient usage. It can also keep the sushi kiosk clean. The center has wooden frame support on the top, which is suitable for hanging lights to increase brightness. Lighting also makes your food kiosk stand out.

View suishi shop design here

Sushi Kiosk

Material information

We mainly use Plywood as the primary material, it has a strong structure, and the kiosk can serve for many years. The surface treatment is a solid wood bar in gray color. Other materials include a 3D acrylic logo with a front light, light box painting, and stainless steel kicking. 8mm tempered glass to make the showcase allows people to view food directly. People can also choose tile and artificial plants to make the food booth looks better.

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