Watch Shop Mall

In large shopping malls, we can usually see many mobile phone stores, watch stores, and jewelry stores displayed in the center of the mall. Inside the mall, there are distinctive storefront displays. This is a shop display for mobile watches. It can be placed in the middle of our shopping mall as a sales location. There is a lot of traffic in the mall, so it is necessary to set up a kiosk selling watches in the mall.

Flat Display

This is the watch shop we can introduce to you. It is a display booth designed around the middle position. Its design is relatively simple, in its four sides are designed to have oh watch display cases. The design of the watch display cabinet is also very distinctive. The display rack of the watch is a glass-surface display. And we can see the items displayed inside. The internal space of the watch shop is more flexible. And the range of activities is enough so that our staff can very convenient to carry out all aspects of the sale of our products. The display of the watching booth pays great attention to the safety of the product. So the materials we use are also very high-end and practical. Our display cabinets are made of MDF material and painted on the surface, so the surface of our cabinets is strong and damp-resistant. We will design kicking feet at the bottom of the display cabinet because of the protection of kicking feet. Our display cabinet can have a longer working time and extend its service life.

LED light + Poster

Each storefront display is inseparable from the irradiation of light. Our watches, mobile phones, jewelry, and other valuable items are inseparable from the light. We will design LED lights in the interior of the display case, which can mainly facilitate the display of our product features. At the same time, as the display kiosk of the mobile phone store, there is also marketing is very important. The good store design is on the one hand, the role of posters and logos is also very important. So we will design an electronic screen poster for the watch store.

Detail Presentation

You can see the display inside the counter of our watch shop. It is an independent counter, and each display case is a locker with a door and lock, so we can ensure the safety of our property. The counter is a pull rail design, but also a drawer with a lock, convenient for the staff to use for the display of goods. The one that can be pulled out below is our locker, which is a display case with a lock and a door for storing items from the store. It also has wheels, so we can move it out at any time to clean up and pick up goods.

Multifunctional Use

The watch kiosk is the overall display of the individual display cases. You can see our lockers can also take out the role of the showcase, displaying watches and jewelry or mobile phones. This is a very practical project, that is, you can store things, display goods, and sit on the display cabinet to rest. Because the material we use is very strong, as long as the right weight is acceptable.