With the development of the society,there are more and more independent women.  These independent women  show their status buywearing jewelry. Therefore, a luxury jewelry booth in a large shopping mall is very attractive. So if you’re a jeweler, maybe you’re facing a problem: how best to display your jewelry ? Now we have a product .It will help you achieve this goal . That is the Jewelry showcase.

Description of the jewelry display case

 Jewelry showcase is composed of MDF plate, luminous logo, glass window .It is stylish . It’s beautiful to display your jewelry in the best way. The interior of the box is covered with high-density MDF, It’s effectively prevents hard materials such as diamonds from scratching the cabinet and adjacent jewelry. In addition, the glass of the cabinet is also shatterproof, even if accidentally hit will not have any safety risks.

  Not only that, the jewelry display case also comes with reliable security locks ,It can protect your jewelry from theft and illegal entry. Our lock specific technology is advanced .so it’s ensure anti-theft security, we also choose a variety of colors and styles for you, to make your store more personalized, more attractive.

   This jewelry showcase is practical, beautiful and safe. We believe that this jewelry showcase will become your best choice. Of course, if you have your own design and ideas about jewelry showcase, you can tell us your needs and we will try our best to meet you.

   If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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