The perfume display on the glass display counter often makes the staff  headache. The display is not beautiful enough. so that customers are not willing to come to have a look. And the display life is short. It is resulting in mall operators need to pay maintenance costs. In this way, the order turnover rate of the mall is greatly reduced. If you want to open a perfume shop, the design and material selection of the perfume display case is very important, but don’t worry, I will introduce a perfume kiosk for you now.

Description of perfume kiosk

Our perfume display kiosk’s main material: high-quality MDF , uniform paint. The countertop is transparent acrylic.  The overall style is modern and simple. but highlights its senior. In the middle is a multi-layer display shelf. It can be arranged according to the category of perfume. There are two perfume display cabinets around. It can provide convenience for customers to choose and try. There is an advisory cashier in front of us to facilitate the work of the sales staff. The whole perfume kiosk is equipped with led with a sense of atmosphere.  It has a good display effect .That can make every customer in the store have a good shopping experience.

The display effect of this perfume cabinet is very beautiful, which can play a better display effect, attract the attention of customers. At the same time, we also use high quality materials, and carefully designed, can very well extend the service life of the product. Store managers no longer have to worry about the cost of constantly having to change the display, nor do they have to worry about the manufacturers’ beautiful products sitting on their counters.


  • Overall size:  4m x 4m x 1.2m (length x width x height)
  • Material:  MDF /Stainless Stell / Ultra-clear Tempered Glass / LED  Spot light /
  • Placement type:  Floor Standing
  • Power plug: correct plug for delivered country
  • Package: EPE foam+ Bubble film+  wooden box
  • Lead time: 3 to 7days for standard showcase,10 to 20 days for customized order
  • Customization: Brand logo/Color/LED lighting color/Metal color/Size etc.



Shopping mall perfume display cabinet, can help you better display a variety of perfumes, and is conducive to the purchase needs of all customers, help shopping mall operators to achieve higher profits, we believe that this will become a precious tool in your business process, it is worth a try