Do you want a kiosk that can display both clothes and shoes? I think the kiosk I will introduce below can meet your requirements. Let’s take a look together.

Kiosk appearance

The appearance of the clothing kiosk is designed to attract attention. The exterior color combination of this clothing kiosk is clever and bold. The shelves on the front of the kiosk and the cabinets on the side cash register are soft pink, like peach blossoms blooming in spring, giving people a warm and sweet feeling. The display rack behind the kiosk is green, adding vitality and energy to the entire kiosk.

clothing display

The smooth contours, clean lines, and smooth curves of the display stand make the kiosk look tempting and modern. Additionally, we can see that the top of two display racks with different colors have wavy shapes, combined with doll decorations, forming a visual display that attracts customers.

Kiosk size

In terms of size, the design of clothing kiosk can seamlessly integrate into various retail spaces. This kiosk is a standard square with a size of 2.5 by 2.5 meters. The layout of the pink and green display racks is the same. The cabinets are separated in the middle, with opposite display layouts on both sides. On one side is the display bag on the top and the clothes on the bottom. On the other side, we display clothes above and bags below. We carefully calibrate the dimensions to ensure the best balance between display capacity and customer navigation convenience.

shoes rack

Kiosk sides

On the side of the kiosk are cash registers and glass display cabinets. Looking closely, one can also find that the cabinet under the cash register is also equipped with glass. There are many drawers under the cabinet, which can ensure that there is a place to store clothes in stock. On the other side, the green display cabinet has two layers. You can use the bottom layer to display shoes. And the top layer can be used to display decorations such as ties or scarves.

The lighting inside the sales kiosk is also a key factor. Soft and warm lighting can create a comfortable and enticing atmosphere, while bright spotlights can highlight specific items and attract people’s attention to key products.