Product introduction

With the great development of science and technology, mobile phones and other electronic products have become a product that people are always wearing. So opening a mobile phone shop or mobile phone repair shop is a very necessary thing. At the same time, the choice of store design of mobile phone shops is also very important. General mobile phone shops or computer repair shops will set up in the shopping mall display. Because there is a lot of people in it, it is a good sales opportunity. Next, I will show you our mobile phone shop display.cell-phone-kiosk

Material: MDF + baking paint

Size: Custom, according to your idea

suitable place: Store, supermarket, shop

Use: Shopping malls, shopping centers, repair shops, special sales

color: White or anyone you like

feature: kiosk is viewable, modern, functional

cell-phone-kiosk Store layout

The layout of the mobile phone shop is relatively clear and reasonable. On the surface is a customized logo of the computer brand of the mobile phone shop. Usually, it has three distribution areas. The first one is our checkout counter, and then its electronic poster is also in front of our checkout counter, so that customers can consult the staff immediately if they have questions. The second is the lacquer display rack cabinet, the display of the hand cabinet is a transparent glass material display cabinet. In this way, customers can clearly see the products displayed in the store. The inside of the mobile phone store is designed with a rest area for customers to experience, so that customers can have a place when choosing mobile phones.

cell-phone-kiosk Store Detail

The display cabinet in the mobile phone shop has a very detailed position, which is the bottom of which we have installed kicking feet, which can well protect our display stand and avoid moisture and durability. The poster display on the front is also a good promotion, because the first view of the customer can see the mobile phone and computer poster, so the design of the store is more suitable for the mobile phone store.

cell-phone-kiosk customization

The design of mobile phone store is designed by our own designers, so if you have your own ideas or you want to show the store we are now you can ask us to put forward your requirements, our designers will modify according to your requirements. In addition, we have designed many kiosks. If you are looking for kiosks in shopping malls, you can send us pictures and we can customize them for you.