This is a jewelry display cabinet used in jewelry stores, and you can see its appearance from the picture. This is a simple looking, yet very practical jewelry display case. We made toughened glass into a sliding sliding rail for the pusher and installed a rotating lock on the pusher. jewelry counterThis is a very safe setting for precious jewelry. At the same time, we can see that the cabinet also has a push box for storing things. In addition, we welded an iron ring on the cabinet to ensure its stability. Besides, to make the jewelry look more shining, We’ll install lights that focus on the jewelry.

jewelry counter

Detail information

Materials: Black metal, 8 mm tempered glass, lock, lamp
Size: 500*600*1600 mm
Color: Black
Style: Understated luxury

Why choose us?

1. We can provide customized services and design according to customers’ requirements
2. We can provide customers with free design modification opportunities
3. We have a professional design team, that can provide you with special services
4. our factory, can let you know the production status of products at any time.
5. We have perfect pre-sale and after-sale service.

How to order?

1. Make a 3D design according to your requirements. You can add the customer’s logo, light box painting, poster, equipment, etc., to the design drawing
2. Make construction drawings, including cabinet size, materials, details, etc.
3. Production should be carried out according to the construction drawings, and the production progress of cabinets can be understood at any time during the production process
4. Quality inspection. We will test the circuit, lighting, and quality of the finished cabinets
5. Packaging, we will first wrap the cabinet with a sponge, then wrap it with plastic wrap, and finally put a layer of foam in the wooden case, and then put the cabinet into the wooden case.3d design

If you need to customize, please contact us, thank you!