Perfume kiosk

Military Green mall perfume kiosk display Cabinet unique perfume rack display. This is a curved semicircle-shaped perfume kiosk, and you can see that every part of the display case is in an army green theme. And the perfume here is like a very dignified perfume kiosk, it is very special in the mall display because its appearance is a green style, appearance attracts the attention of customers. We all want to draw to a personalized perfume cabinet and to go inside and audition for the mysterious scent.

perfume kiosk

Perfume kiosk layout

Then the kiosk consists of three parts, the first of which is a large semicircle-shaped perfume shelf containing a cash register. In the middle, there is an oval table for perfume display. We will design a table suitable for the size of the perfume bottle. On the right side, there is a transparent cylinder displaying our perfume, which is matched by army green baking paint. Another is a cylindrical, military-green perfume cabinet display that is designed to fit the bottle.

perfume kiosk


Besides, we will design LED-lit boxes outside the perfume kiosks so that we can advertise our perfume shop. And you can see that we can also design LED lights inside the perfume cabinet, and perfume bottles in the light irradiation back are particularly clear and beautiful. Inside the display case are lockers with doors where we can put our perfume storage. The floor is a display of wood grain or can design in any style you like. The store logo can also design on our perfume kiosk, so as to show the nature of the perfume kiosk.

perfume kiosk Customize Service

In addition, if you are looking for perfume kiosks located in malls or shopping centers, you can check out this style. If you have a better idea about the perfume booth, you can contact us. We can do a design for you at the mall for approval.

We have a wide range of perfume kiosk styles. If you want to see more styles and styles, you can contact our customer service staff. Designers will also customize and modify according to your requirements. We are a customized factory, and you can trust us completely.

perfume kiosk