Are you looking for a pillow kiosk to earn money? Everyone needs pillows when sleeping because it makes people feel relaxed and fall asleep soon. It’s a great idea to open a pillow kiosk in the shopping mall or participate in exhibitions. In addition, pillow displays are also seen in home supply stores, supermarkets, and even bed shops. Today, I want to share a nice pillow booth sharing with you.

exhibition booth

Introduction of pillow kiosk

This pillow kiosk has a metal frame as support at 4 sides and ceiling, it is very durable to use. It has a large entrance door and looks like a retail pillow shop in the mall. Hang wicking decorations on both sides of the door to display to guests. Besides, the bottom is a glass display cabinet and brand logo to win the favor of customers.

pillow showcase

When entering the pillow shop, we can see there are U-style models in the center, vividly showing business to every client. And circular display cabinets are standing up on both sides with support, we can use it as a bed, and guests can experience the effect of pillows. There are curtains at the entrance to protect the privacy of guests, and the logo is added on the back as a brand image wall.

View portable kiosk design

pillow display shelving

The back wall has arch-shaped wall display shelving, we can add a light lamp here to remind poeple of the business. At the bottom of the wall display are lock cabinets, which we can use to store products for sale. And the entire wall can be used as an open pillow display cabinet to show more items. We can see the center has a reception counter with a cashier register to check bills. If you have any questions, please kindly send us an inquiry. Thank you.