Are you looking for a nice display counter for a mobile phone shop? The checkout counter is important for every retail shop. It is not only convenient for clients to check bills, but also a good place for them to learn information and ask for help. Today, I want to share a nice service counter with you.

reception counter

Introduction of reception desk

It’s good to use in cell phone shops to provide phone repair service. This multiple-functional reception desk with a display showcase is the perfect addition to any retail space in the USA. With its sleek design and practical features, it is sure to attract customers and enhance the overall shopping experience.

cashier counter reception desk

The glass display showcase on the right-hand side is perfect for showcasing accessories and small items, while the slat wall display with hooks provides an easy way to hang products for easy viewing. The locked cabinet and multiple drawers offer ample storage space for all your business needs, keeping your shop organized and clutter-free.

The lower counter with a lightbox painting is ideal for setting up a cashier register. Ensuring smooth and efficient transactions for your customers. Businessmen can put necessary items behind the counter. Because there are long drawers with locks for storage. It can also keep goods safe.

Actual produce effect

cashier counter checkout counter

To add a touch of style and sophistication, LED light lamps are included to illuminate the counter and draw attention to your products. This reception desk is not only functional but also visually appealing, making it a must-have for any business looking to create a welcoming and professional environment. Whenever you are looking for customized shop furniture, contact us and get new design options.