Custom and manufacture froze yogurt booth. As the temperature rises, frozen yogurt, drinks are more popular. The currently frozen yogurt booth can not only sell yogurt but also has many supporting products. Now bubble tea and drinks are also very popular. Therefore, generally, there are yogurt kiosks with more food.

frozen yogurt kiosk


  • Material: the main body is MDF, which also uses solid wood. MDF is used in special shapes and types. Those with wood grain use solid wood boards.
  • Counter-Top: man-made stone. The countertops of general food kiosks are made of artificial stone. Because artificial stone is non-toxic, flame-retardant, non-sticky, non-staining, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, wear-resistant, easy to maintain, seamless splicing, and versatile shapes.
  • Logo-acrylic logo with light. Also around the entire perimeter of the kiosk, there is a circle of lights.
  • Stainless steel skirting – supports the kiosk and also decorates the booth, and adds a circle of white lights at the skirting line.
  • Fittings – metal fittings including locks, and hinges. Comes with a sink for easy cleaning and organization.

Including some machine freezing equipment, and display storage boxes, we can provide them, as long as you need them.

Frozen Yogurt kiosk

This is a combination of the main color white and wood grain color. Overall very special and classic. The luxury of this one is that there are four advertising machines inside the pillars inside the kiosk, no matter which direction you come from, you can be attracted by the advertisements. We can provide an advertising machine.

food kiosk design

All logos are illuminated, and there are lights around the booth, the combination of white light and blue light is particularly beautiful. Every food kiosk in the shopping mall is equipped with a sink, which is easy to clean and organize, and the image to customers is also more hygienic.

We also have bubble tea kiosks and drink kiosks with more styles to choose from. Please contact us.