Are you looking for a charming and fantastic nail display counter to earn money? The nail shop became popular because everyone loved to do nail art services to have an appealing appearance. It also showcases characteristics and leaves a deep impression on people. If you are going to start nail polish and manicure services, this mobile counter will give you a good idea.

Introducing the Pink Color Nail Store Furniture Mobile Counter with Drawer! This stylish and functional counter is perfect for nail shops and shopping centers. The front of the counter features a brand logo, giving it a professional and branded look. The back of the counter boasts 8 lockable drawers for convenient storage of nail supplies and tools.

nail table

Introduction of display counter

With golden stainless steel handles and a sleek design, this counter elevates the look of any nail shop or mall space. The large U-shaped design is ideal for a location with dimensions of 580cm long by 560cm wide. The counter is equipped with wheels, making it easy to move around for pop-up shops or repositioning within a store.

nail store display storage cabinet

The curved corners add a modern touch to the counter, while also ensuring safety by avoiding sharp edges. This Pink Color Nail Store Furniture Mobile Counter with Drawer is not only practical but also adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Produce photos show

We can see the nail polish cabinet from below produce effect. That’s the real effect when the owner receives it. Just put them together and use it.

nail shop furniture storage cabinet

Whether you are looking to upgrade your nail salon or create a stylish display in a shopping center, this counter is the perfect solution. With its versatile design and convenient features, it is sure to enhance the overall aesthetic of your space while providing functionality and storage options.