Pink nail kiosk

This is a nail booth located in the shopping mall. Nowadays, with the change in people’s lifestyles and the improvement of quality, we can see that many shopping malls will have some beauty shops. So there are many styles to choose from. Next up is a long, square nail shop nail booth display. Its theme style is mainly pink with white as an auxiliary. Suitable for a lot of shopping malls as a store display, especially beauty stores, this is a very popular style.Nail kiosk

Nail salon structure

This is a kiosk store structure display, we can see that in fact the structure inside is very clear, the entry position will first design with a cashier, and then you can see that there will manicure area, which is a desktop display. There will also lounge areas for guests. Outside your nail salon is a store logo display, in addition to a nail salon poster. The kiosk also has an area designed for nail polish so we can work.Nail kiosk

Nail salon details

The front of the salon shows the placement of nail oils. The outer part of the store is a display area of bracket cabinets. We will see that the nail polish in each area is very distinct because this cabinet is specially customized for nail polish. It doesn’t just drop off the floor, which is very convenient.Nail kiosk

The nail shop will also pay attention to the location of the store, the placement of random nail cabinets is also based on evidence, you see the display cabinet display cabinets are on the outer wall, so we can clearly see the store’s nail display. Let the customer see the manicure placement area at a glance. The nail shop is made of MDF and finished with baking paint. At the same time, the color of the store or the cabinet can customize. If you like other colors, you can also customize them with us.Nail kiosk

Customized Service

The application scope of nail salons can also increase. We can not only sell skin care products and cosmetics in a nail salon but also expand our sales categories. That’s not a good selling plan. Finally, if you are interested in our products, please contact us, we can customize exclusive services for you, only, our store can design, if you like, you can ask us to put forward your requirements. We will tailor it to your requirements.Nail kiosk