Everyone loves sauces, it makes the food taste delicious. Sauces have a great market, so many businessmen plan to sell sauces in the shopping mall or supermarket. It’s a profitable option to start a sauce business with a food kiosk. Here is a nice sauce kiosk sharing with you. It’s suitable for use in the exhibition room, trade show, and even stalls with high traffic volume. Let’s view more options together.

food kiosk

Customize food kiosk for sale

As we can see in the design, this food kiosk looks more like an open kiosk. It has a service counter in an inverted trapezoid shape. We can put all kinds of sauces for clients to taste. Which will increase their desire to buy. The brand sign backlit makes high level the brand theme. Behind the service counter is a tall image wall with a glass cabinet. Besides, the brand logo is set on the countertop.

food booth

While there is an individual display stand in the middle, it has 3 layers of display to show items properly. The back wall has LED light decorations and advertising posters. It vividly expresses your business to clients and reminds people of your business. Besides, the other side has a small private room in the corner, it is mainly used as a storage room. We can also add a glass display cabinet with LED light lamp to remind business. View more about fast food kiosk

Produce photos show

food counter food cabinet

We can see what it looks like after installation on site. The food kiosk is fully designed and completed at our workshop, you only put them together and use it is enough. Don’t forget to add LED light and ceiling light to the cabinet. It makes the food booth outstanding. Whenever you are looking for a snack kiosk, we can meet your demands.